Samagrow 4-3-3

SamaGROW 4-3-3 is a healthy and environment-friendly base fertilizer. It contains a lot of organic matter as a nutrient source for soil life. Soil quality is continuously improved and humus formation promoted. It improves the microbiological activity, structure, aeration and water balance of farmland. It also promotes the development of plant roots, improving the plant’s capacity to absorb nutrients. This limits diseases and increases yield.

In addition to minerals and organic matter, SamaGROW 4-3-3 contains numerous trace elements (Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Zn and Cu) to maintain long term soil fertility. Trace elements have an important function and are essential nutrients for the plant. Trace elements are also necessary for the water balance, photosynthesis, cell division, fertility and protein metabolism of the plant.

Due to the high organic contents of the minerals, these are released slowly, providing the plant with a gradual source of nutrients for a long period of time. This means no minerals are washed away and there is no risk of leaf or root burn due to a low EC value.

The use of a modern composting, drying and pressing plant results in a very high quality fertilizer pellet that is also low-odour.

On demand, we can enrich these pellets with mineral or organic fertilizers, humic acids, amino acids or molasses as needed.

This product conforms to the requirements of European Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, which, in conjunction with implementing Regulation (EC) No.142/2011, regulates the use of animal by-products, and also conforms to French standard NF U 42-001.


  • Tree nursery

  • Fruit cultivation

  • Lawns and sports fields

  • Vegetable growing

  • Floriculture

  • viticulture


Bulk, big bags of 500 to 1,250 kg or bags of 20 to 25 kg.

Samagrow 4-3-3


88 % dry matter
65 % organic matter
4 % N (90% N organic, 10% N ammoniacal)
3 % P2O5
2.7 % K2O
1 % MgO
8 % CaO
C/N ratio: 9
Pellet diameter: 4-5 mm
6.5 pH
Relative density: 0.75 kg/l
1 % SO4