Champost is mushroom compost. Mixing it with chalk makes it very alkaline. Champost is made weed and disease free by heating it to 70°C. This makes it conform EU Regulation [EC] 1069/2009* and French NFU standard 44051.

Champost is an easy to process soil improver with a

  • lower nitrogen coefficient than manure;
  • higher level of effective organic matter than manure;
  • pH-increasing effect;
  • lower price than vegetable, fruit and garden waste and other green compost

* Basic Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, in conjunction with implementing Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011 regulates the use of animal by-products.


  • Landscaping, parks and sporting grounds

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture


Bulk: dumpers or walking floors.



35% dry matter
20% organic matter
0,8% N (95 % organic and 5 % ammoniacal)
0,4% P2O5
1,1% K2O
0,3% MgO
2.6% CaO

C/N ratio: 12,5