Samagrow K+ BIO (2-0-20)

SamaGROW K BIO is an ecological fertilizer rich in potassium and sulphur. Potassium contributes to the strength of the plant. It plays an important role in the resistance of the plant to diseases and weather conditions, and in the taste and shelf life of crops (especially fruits and tuber and bulb crops). SamaGROW K+ BIO is a particularly interesting fertilizer as it is suitable for all soil types and all crops. Its low salt index makes it interesting for high-dose applications as required, for example, for the rotation of main crops. It is also ideal for crops requiring a high level of sulphur as well as for chlorine-sensitive crops such as potatoes.

SamaGROW K+ BIO is the perfect fertilizer, combining the advantages of organic matter, trace elements (Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Zn and Cu) and extra potassium and sulphur. This will maintain long term soil fertility and promote plant resistance and resilience.

Due to the high organic contents of the minerals, these are released slowly, providing the plant with a gradual source of nutrients for a long period of time. This means no minerals are washed away and there is no risk of leaf or root burn due to a low EC value.

Potassium is the major constituent of plants. It accounts for 2 % to 5 % of their dry matter content. It fulfils different functions in the plant, including:

  • Increasing resistance to drought.
  • An important role in photosynthesis: it promotes the synthesis of carbohydrates and amino acids in leaves and contributes to the migration and accumulation of these substances in the reserve organs (important for potatoes, beets, vegetables, etc.).
  • It strengthens the cell walls and affects the mineral content of the sap thereby increasing resistance to fungal diseases and frost.
  • It stimulates the growth of bacteria.

On demand, we can enrich these pellets with humic acids, amino acids or molasses as needed.

This product conforms to the requirements of European Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, which, in conjunction with implementing Regulation (EC) No.142/2011, regulates the use of animal by-products, and also conforms to French standard NF U 42-001. Suitable for biological agriculture as per Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and 889/2008.


  • Fruit cultivation

  • Vegetable growing

  • Agriculture (especially potatoes and beets)

  • viticulture


Bulk, big bags of 500 to 1,250 kg or bags of 20 to 25 kg. 

Samagrow K+ BIO (2-0-20)


96 % dry matter
40 % organic matter
2 % N (100 % N organic)
0 % P2O5
20 % K2O 
0.3 % MgO
0.5 % CaO
C/N ratio: 11.5
Pellet diameter: 4-5 mm
6.1 pH
Relative density: 0.75 kg/l
23 % SO4