3rd generation
family owned business

During its 30 years of experience Samagro has grown from local producer to global distributor of organic fertilizer.

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Our vision

Continuous population growth and the increasing scarcity of land and resources like energy and water put pressure on agriculture.

By 2050 farmers will need to achieve a 70% production increase to cover food needs. This can only be done by optimizing the fertility of agricultural land in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. One of the elements to do so is the use of organic fertilizers.

This is why Samagro produces quality organic fertilizers that improve and maintain soil balance in the longer term. Purpose is to work on the most sustainable solution possible for the Flemish and Dutch manure surplus. To this end, Samagro works on building long-term relationships with both suppliers of manure (farmers, processors and biogas installations) and users (farmers and horticulturalists, fruit and vegetable growers) of organic fertilizers.

Our team

  • Johan & Koen Samyn, MANAGING DIRECTORS
  • Frédéric Geoffroy, SALES
  • Vanessa Doubbel, ACCOUNTANCY
  • Eline Snick & Juliette Ruckebusch ADMINISTRATION
  • Evi Dorme, LOGISTICS
  • Bert Matten, Wesley Degezelle & Christoph Veranneman, Yann Youssef PRODUCTION
  • Pieter Soenen, Martin Vandenbussche, Ortwyn Verweirder, Christophe Delaplace, Desavoye Patrice, Therssen Sebastien, Youri Potisek, Peggy Duroux, Cody Leynaert, Kévin Lerouge


Gilbert Samyn starts poultry trade Samyn.

Johan en Yvan Samyn, Gilbert’s sons, join the company.

First Flemish Manure decree: to prevent soil pollution through agriculture, manure from areas with a surplus is transported to areas with a shortage. This information is kept in the “manure bank”. Johan and Yvan start exporting poultry manure to France.

European regulation makes composting manure for export mandatory. Through this process, the compost is made bacteria and germ free. This becomes Johan’s specialization and for that purpose he creates Samagro. The company focuses exclusively on export. Yvan remains head of the poultry trade.

Samagro installs its own bio heater to conform to European Regulation [EC] No. 1069/2009.

Koen Samyn, Johan’s son, joins the company.

Samagro sells about 80,000 tons of organic fertilizer.

Samagro builds its own pelletizer machine which makes it possible to export high quality organic fertilizers all over the world.

Samagro builds new composting tunnels conform to Regulation (EC) N° 1069/2009 of the European Parliament.

Construction of our new air washer.

Samagro instals a packaging machine to intend baging the granulated goods.

Construction of additionnal storage building for better and faster delivery.